Pre-War Gibson L-5 Owners' Club




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We would love to include your Pre-War L-5 here.


Email us at [email protected]


We need:


1. Full length, high resolution pictures of the front and back (view the galleries on the site to get an idea of the sort of pictures we are after. No phone shots please!)


2. The guitar’s serial number and factory order number (if your guitar has an FON it will be visible through the treble side f-hole). In the case of Lloyd Loar signed L-5s, we also need the date on the signature label and the Virzi serial number (if the guitar is fitted with a Virzi).


3. Please include details of any unusual features as well as modifications, replacement parts and repairs.


Your name will NOT appear on the site unless you request this - but we'd be delighted if you have any more details of the guitar's history, how it came to you and any other stories attached to it.

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