Pre-War Gibson L-5 Owners' Club




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Case Candy

An original L-5 Owners' Club Membership Card

"This card is to serve as identification and introduction to fellow members regardless of where you may travel - share with them your problems as well as your joys - The Gibson L-5 Club is world-wide and in its membership will be found not only the outstanding guitarists of a community but also the finest of good fellows."

This is an original card belonging to Mr. Clifford Rausch of Brooklyn, New York, who became a member of the L-5 Club on purchasing his L-5. The card is dated 25th April 1934. His guitar's serial number was 90366, which corresponds to a shipping date of 1934.

1934 Gibson L-5 club card color 1934 Gibson L-5 club cover color

Images on this page courtesy of Rod McDonald.

1939 Gibson Varitone hang tag 1939 Gibson Varitone hang tag2

1939 Varitone Tag