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"A timeless design reflecting 'symmetry, simplicity, elegance and a proven classic acoustic voice'.”  Bob Benedetto on choosing the 16” non-cutaway body for making the 'I Tre Fratelli' (The Three Brothers) trio of archtop guitars in 2008.

"It's doubtful any of today’s archtop guitar makers would deny Gibson’s overwhelming contribution to the guitar’s design.  Although I have never made a carbon copy of the original 16-inch L-5, I have enjoyed making variations on that model using both traditional and alternative woods, a variety of soundhole designs, inlays, bindings and of course colors. While the most obvious differences have been aesthetic, variations also included top and back graduations and bracing designs."  Bob Benedetto, 2013

Photo 6b-Sinfonietta S2061GP curly walnut back with Benedetto Photo 11 - Sinfonietta 7-String Serial No. S1949GP Photo 5a -Sinfonietta Twins of Koa wood for DHR Mu photo 12-Jim Fisch with Benedetto Custom Serial #4

The late Jim Fisch (guitar historian and author of Epiphone The House Of Stathopoulo published by Amsco), pictured above, ordered a 17-inch archtop that features many old L-5 appointments back in June 1998, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Gibson L-5. “He was a good friend,” says Bob. “We were delighted to make this guitar for him.”


Jim's letter to Bob is shown above.


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Bob Benedetto (above)

2010 Sinfonietta 7-String Serial # S1949GP (left). European spruce top; European flamed maple back and sides; matching flamed maple neck.

2009 Sinfonietta “Twins” – European spruce top; flamed Koa back and sides; Custom made for DHR Music.


Benedetto L-5 75th Anniversary Tribute Guitar