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Model L-5E (listed in ledger as ‘L-5P with ES-300 Pickup’)

Serial Number: 96978


Year shipped: 1941

Headstock: Horizontal Gibson script logo

Neck/fingerboard: 20-fret fingerboard with pointed end and narrow block inlays from the first fret

Body: 17-inch cutaway body with Natural finish

Hardware: Gold-plated including Varitone tailpiece. Rosewood bridge. The pickguard is missing

Electronics: ES-300 short diagonal pickup, two knobs on treble side below the bridge


Notes: This L-5P was sent to Alan Reuss along with an EH-185 amplifier serial number 16213. The guitar’s interior label reads: ‘Style L-5E’. Reuss returned the instrument to Gibson a few months after receiving it.


28/05/41 ‘L-5P with ES-300 pickup and EH-185 Amplifier serial no 16213’ shipped to Allan Reuss




1941 L-5E Reuss in color 1941-05-28 Allan Reuss L5P ES300 PU ledger 2


1941 L-5E and EH-185 amp Reuss 1

Ledger entry

Picture (above) courtesy of Paul Fox