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Year shipped: 1937 or 1935

Serial Number: 94906 (possibly 91906)


Headstock: Horizontal ‘The Gibson' logo, replacement tuners

Neck/fingerboard: Wide block markers from the third fret and a 19-fret fingerboard with a square end. Truss rod cover of the type more usually seen on 17-Inch L-5s

Body: maple back with maple sides

Hardware: gold-plated metal parts, regular trapeze tailpiece and long pickguard


Notes: Has been fitted with a humbucking pickup plus tone and volume controls, which will have necessitated cutting holes in the front of the guitar. The pickguard has been cut to accommodate the pickup.


Though the serial number is hard to read, the spacing of the digits suggests that it may indeed be 94906 (there is a wide gap between the 9 and the 4), If this is the case, the guitar is one of just 11 16-inch L-5s shipped in 1937. If the serial number is 91906, it is one of 110 16-inch L-5s shipped in 1935.


94906 HEAD 94906 FRONT 94906 label

Photographs courtesy of

David Tarkington