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Year shipped: 1937

Serial Number: 94352


Headstock: large, ‘flared’ headstock, horizontal script ‘Gibson' logo, individual Grover 98G tuners

Neck/fingerboard: wide neck heel, narrow block markers from the first fret and a 20-fret fingerboard with a pointed end

Body: maple back with maple sides

Hardware: gold-plated metal parts, regular trapeze tailpiece and long pickguard

Notes: this is one of just 11 16-inch L-5s shipped in 1937. The large neck heel, narrow block fingerboard markers and ‘flared’ headstock are features more usually found on 17-Inch L-5s


Gibson L-5 (serial number 94352) was originally shipped on May 11th, 1937 and is listed in the ledgers as "L-5 special - small body." It was taken by Gibson salesman George Post in a #515 case.


The guitar did not sell and was returned to inventory.


It shipped for the final time on August 2nd, 1938 to Fife Music in Hollywood, California without a case. In the ledgers it is listed as "L-5 old".





Photographs courtesy of Kennard Machol

94352 front  94352 back