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Serial Number 92824

FON 314-3

Year Shipped 1936

Headstock: horizontal script 'Gibson' logo, Grover Imperial tuners

Neck/fingerboard: three-piece neck, 20 fret fingerboard with pointed end, block inlays start at first fret,

Body: Spruce top and maple back and sides

Hardware: gold plated including hinged tailpiece


This guitar was first shipped from the Gibson factory on 24th January 1936 to Gibson’s prime dealer in New York City, New York Band.


On 10th August 1936, New York Band returned the guitar to the factory, where it apparently stayed in inventory for nearly two years whilst being reconditioned and upgraded – hence the small bound f-holes, the hinged tailpiece and the Grover Imperial tuners.


On 18th May 1938 it was shipped to Grinnells in Michigan as a display item (and was mentioned clearly in Gibson's ledgers).


Finally, on 2nd December 1938, it was shipped and sold to Chas Homeyer in Boston, Massachusetts.

92824 front 92824 back 92824 fon

This shows the FON stamped on the inside of the guitar. Note also the number 3 written in red pencil. The number is 314-3

92824 serial no

Here you can see the label that carries the serial number, 92824

92824 head back 92824 head

Front and back of Serial Number 92824

Images and information courtesy of Craig Brody of

This guitar is one of only 152 Advanced L-5s shipped in 1936