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Headstock: horizontal 'The Gibson' logo, individual (replacement) tuners

Neck/fingerboard: real pearl block inlays start at the third fret, 19 fret fingerboard with square end

Body: maple back and sides

Hardware: gold plated metal parts, regular trapeze tailpiece and reproduction long pickguard


*This Gibson guitar appears to be part of a batch of five similar instruments, which were produced in October of 1934. They are described in Gibson's shipping ledgers as "thick top, old style" instruments.


Serial number 91774 was shipped first on the 16th of May 1935 to Clark Music Company of Syracuse, New York with the notation "thick top, bronze strings." Evidently the guitar did not sell and was returned to the Gibson factory.  In a rather strange twist, the same guitar was then shipped again on the 19th of December 1935 to Clark Music Company.


The guitar was sent to Gibson for repairs in 1937 and returned to Bringe & Evans Music Store of Utica, New York on the 22nd July 1937.  The shipping ledgers do not indicate the nature of the repair.


This is one of 110 16-inch L-5s shipped in 1935.

Year shipped: 1935

Serial Number: 91774

FON: 1356


* With thanks to Joe Spann for this information.

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