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Year shipped: 1934

Serial Number: 91304

FON: 947

Headstock: horizontal 'The Gibson' logo, truss rod cover engraved with the name ‘Wesley Massey’


Neck/fingerboard: block inlays from the third fret (see notes below), 19-fret fingerboard with square end


Body: maple back and sides. Bernunzio  Music describes the guitar as having an “original three-piece back”. Though we have not come across this before, the body edges would have appeared very dark beneath an original finish, thus making it hard to say that this was never the case


Hardware: gold plated metal parts, replacement trapeze tailpiece. The pickguard has been removed due to deterioration. The patent stamped ebony bridge has been shaved down




Notes: the guitar has been completely refinished. The positioning of the fingerboard inlays suggests that fingerboard may have been replaced at some point. The truss rod cover may be a later replacement. There is a degree of binding shrinkage at the upper bout bass-side edge and there are finish cracks on either side of pickguard and next to the tailpiece mount. Has original hard shell case

91304 full front 91304 full back 91304 head 91304 label

Pictures courtesy of Bernunzio Uptown Music (