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Year shipped: 1934

Serial number: 90901

FON: 792

Headstock: Horizontal ‘The Gibson' logo

Neck/fingerboard: See below

Body: See below

Hardware: See below

Notes: has original "red line" hardshell case.

This guitar was converted to an electric in the 1950s and was later restored as an acoustic. It had also been heavily ‘varnished’ and was unplayable when its current owner purchased it.

The restoration was carried out by luthier Michael Heiden (, who installed a new dot inlaid fingerboard in place of the original fingerboard which had block inlays.



The guitar’s current owner reports that now “it not only looks glorious, but also feels, plays, and sounds fabulous!”

90901  new full back 2 90901 head back new 90901 head front new

Pictures courtesy of Richard Poitras

90901 full front new 2 90901 FON 90901 label 2