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Serial Number: 89764

FON: 566 (produced May 1933)

Year shipped: 1933

Headstock: Horizontal ‘The Gibson’ script logo, factory original hand engraved truss rod cover with Roy Smeck’s name, original tuner buttons hand engraved with ‘S’ motif

Neck/fingerboard: The 19-fret fingerboard with square end and wide block pearloid inlays from the third fret has been refretted

Body: 16-inch body with maple back and sides

Hardware: Gold-plated metal parts including Grover trapeze tailpiece engraved with Roy Smeck’s name (see notes below). Replacement pickguard


Notes: This guitar was custom built for Roy Smeck. Joe Spann of Gruhn Guitars adds: “While the tailpiece is unusual for a Gibson, the guitar shows no evidence of ever having had any other tailpiece installed. The tailpiece itself is a Grover product and is period correct. Though Gibson is not known to have used this specific tailpiece on any of their other guitars, it seems likely that the item – which is engraved with Roy Smeck's name – was fitted at his request.



Full Front full back head head back in case tail

Images courtesy of Gruhn Guitars (

The tailpiece pictured right was specially made for Martin by the Grover Company and is clearly the same item fitted to L-5 89764.

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