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Headstock: horizontal 'The Gibson' logo, individual tuners

Neck/fingerboard:  pearl block inlays start at the first fret, 19 fret fingerboard with square end

Body: maple back and sides

Hardware: gold plated metal parts, regular wrapover tailpiece and long pickguard


Notes: This guitar was an export model (during this period, Gibsons made for export have the words "made in the USA" stamped on the rear of the headstock). It was originally sold in Canada.

88484 front 88484 back

Year shipped: 1932

Serial Number: 88484


Note that the block inlays start at fret one and are narrower than is usual for this period. It seems likely that the fingerboard is a replacement, as confirmed by André Duchossoir in his research. "My opinion is that the fretboard was replaced," he says, "most probably in the mid-1930s. I have found an entry in the ledgers indicating that #88484 was returned to the Gibson factory by Canadian dealer, Ed Archambault. In any case, these narrower blocks only appeared on 16-inch L-5 from 1935 onwards."


This guitar was from the collection of John Entwistle, bass player with The Who.


Images above and left courtesy of Vintage and Rare Guitars

1929 L-5 headstock main_20261 copy 88484_in case 88484_peghead3 88484_label 88484_export_stamp

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