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Serial Number: 87092

FON: 8932

Year shipped: 1931

Headstock: Horizontal ‘The Gibson’ logo, metal truss rod cover engraved ‘Bob Gibbons’

Neck/fingerboard: 20 fret fingerboard (refretted) with pointed and dot inlays from the fret five

Body: Body and neck are refinished

Hardware: The hardware (three-on-a-strip tuners and wrap over trapeze tailpiece) have been replaced with vintage parts while the pickguard is a repro by Cumberland Acoustics.


FRONT 1928 L5 1925 F5 021 BACK 1928 L5 1925 F5 015 copy head 2

“My L-5 has had a complete refinish,” says owner, Ken Waltham. “It had a bad, old refinish on it, so this is a vast improvement. It was also missing the original hardware and case. I found a proper set of tuners and a tailpiece. The latter was nickel, so I had it gold plated. The pickguard is a repro by Cumberland Acoustics. I also managed to source a Geib red line case.


“The guitar was owned by Bob Gibbons, who played the daylights out of it, so, a lot of stuff was worn out, I guess!”


Pictures courtesy of Ken Waltham