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Year shipped: 1929

Serial Number: 85243

FON: 9418

Headstock: horizontal 'The Gibson' logo

Neck/fingerboard: new fingerboard by luthier Jim Weaver

Body: maple back with maple sides

Hardware: non-original hardware

Notes: The guitar’s owner comments: “the f-holes were poorly enlarged and bound, it had the wrong fingerboard - like a Kay or something, it had no hardware and there were cracks in the back. It was truly a basket case but… it has the great sound that these early L-5s are famous for!”


Photographs above courtesy of Kennard Machol.


Current owner Michael S. Horowitz adds: "The hardware was replaced with a newer trapeze style tailpiece and Gotoh tuners.


"The f holes were enlarged and bound at one point in the guitar's life. The f hole binding was removed, a back crack repaired and a new fingerboard was installed by Jim Weaver of Boise Guitar Repair.


"This instrument has the beautiful tone and natural reverb that these 1920s L-5s are famous for and coincidentally, was built in the same batch as some of the most celebrated pre-war L-5s: Alvino Rey, Marty Grosz, George Gruhn and Maybelle Carter's guitars were all from this batch."


Images below courtesy of Michael S. Horowitz.

85243 top
85243  front close 85243 head front BACK CLOSE 85243 f-hole 85243 angle body 85243 back copy