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Serial Number: 85104


Year shipped: 1929

Headstock: Horizontal 'The Gibson' logo

Neck/fingerboard: 20 fret fingerboard with square end, dot inlays start at the third fret with double dots at fret 12

Body: Maple back with maple sides. Has Master Model label 

Hardware: Gold-plated Grover tuners (most of the plating worn away)

Notes: At some point three pickups and seven controls were installed. Though the owner states that “the pickups are floating on top of soundboard and could easily be removed,” the electronics will have required holes to be drilled through the top. The guitar has undergone various other modifications including a strap hook attached to the back of the headstock.


85104 full front 85104 head back 85104 head front 85104 label 85104 side close 85104 full back


Pictures courtesy of AJs Music and

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