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The Gibson L-5

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This site is written and curated by Paul Alcantara. Paul is a journalist, guitarist and guitar collector. He was Vintage Consultant for Guitar Buyer Magazine for over 15 years. Site designed and edited by Sally J Hall.

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Introduced in 1923, the L-5 was Gibson’s first f-hole archtop guitar (see 16-Inch Timeline for more on the introduction date). Indeed, it was the first guitar by any manufacturer to combine a carved top and back, f-holes, an adjustable truss rod and a neck that joined the body at the 14th fret. At a time when Martin’s pearl-encrusted 000-45 retailed at $150, the L-5 carried a princely price tag of almost $304.50 (including a Gibson 515 case) and it remained Gibson’s flagship model until the launch of the Super 400 (costing $400.00 including the case and cover) in 1935 .

The ensuing years saw the L-5 undergo many changes, evolving from the original 16-inch wide, non-cutaway design, through the 17-inch ‘Advanced’ model and finally on to the L-5 Premier, complete with a rounded ‘Venetian’ style cutaway. By the early 1950s, Gibson had successfully added an electric version – the L-5CES - to its line.

In the process, the Gibson L-5 established a benchmark by which archtop guitars from other manufacturers are judged. Epiphone, D'Angelico, Gretsch, Stromberg and later Guild all offered models based on the L-5, a tradition that is continued to this day by luthiers like Bob Benedetto, Mark Campellone and Bill Collings.

This website is dedicated to the acoustic L-5s that Gibson produced prior to World War II, with special emphasis on the original 16-inch model (surely one of the most beautiful guitars ever made!). If you are fortunate enough to own a pre-war L-5, or are simply a fan of vintage Gibsons, we hope that the information presented here will be of interest to you.


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"Volumes can be written on the achievements of the Gibson Guitar Company but from my perspective as an archtop guitar maker, nothing overshadows the Pre-War L-5.  It launched the archtop guitar as a legitimate, mainstream jazz instrument.  The impact that the L-5 had on players and luthiers alike, is as profound as that of Andrea Amati (1505 - 1577), who is credited for violin design as we know it today. Nearly 100 years after its introduction in 1923, the L-5's fundamental archtop f-hole design has proved to have staying power.  It set a high bar and gave direction for all other manufacturers and individual makers, who, at best - and in every case - contributed but refinements to Gibson's seminal creation. I am absolutely delighted to have been invited to contribute to Paul Alcantara’s website – – a tribute to the quintessential jazz guitar."


Bob Benedetto, Benedetto Guitars


The foremost builder of archtop guitars in the world." Tom Wheeler,  

Guitar Historian, Author,  The Guitar Book; American Guitars;

The Stratocaster Chronicles; former Editor in Chief, Guitar Player Magazine"

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